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Bracketology Update 2/20

Only three weeks remain hoops fans until the NCAA Tournament bracket release. In anticipation of that, the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee revealed its current Top-16, (seeds 1-4), this morning. We are encouraged with how our outlook compared to the committee's opinion this morning, and have used that guidance along with changes from an impactful day of hoops to get to this update! As always, our biggest risers and fallers from the previous update earlier this week are at the bottom.

Biggest Risers:

  1. UConn: 6 seed -> 5 Seed

  2. Arkansas: 7 seed -> 6 seed

  3. Michigan: First 4 Out -> Last 4 Byes

  4. Florida: Next Next 10 Out -> First 4 Out

  5. VCU: Next 4 Out -> Last 4 In

Biggest Fallers:

  1. Xavier: 7 Seed -> 8 Seed

  2. Loyola Chicago: 9 seed -> 11 seed

  3. Oklahoma: Last 4 Byes-> Next 4 Out

  4. TCU: 9 -> 10 seed

  5. BYU: Last 4 In -> First 4 Out

For more info on which teams have been playing the best ball lately, check out our 2/7-2/13 Teams of the Week article from earlier this week! DM us @TBracketology with any thoughts/questions on the seed list.


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