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Bracketology Update 2/24

The countdown continues as just two and a half weeks remain until Selection Sunday for the NCAA Tournament! There have been numerous exciting games this week, most of which have had impacts on our seed line since the last update over the weekend. Check out the updated list below with our biggest risers and fallers at the bottom of the article!

Biggest Risers:

  1. Iowa: 9 seed -> 7 Seed

  2. Creighton: 11 seed -> 9 seed

  3. Colgate: 16 seed -> 15 seed

  4. SMU: Next 4 Out -> Last 4 In

Biggest Fallers:

  1. Michigan State: 6 Seed -> 8 Seed

  2. Indiana: Last 4 In -> First 4 Out

  3. Oklahoma: Next 4 Out-> Next Next 10 Out

  4. Memphis: Last 4 Byes -> First 4 Out

For more info on which teams have been playing the best ball lately, check out our 2/14-2/20 Teams of the Week article from earlier this week! DM us @TBracketology with any thoughts/questions on the seed list.


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